Weird Criminal Law Stories # 493: Salsa Madness…

ILLINOIS:  Salsa madness?  A man became so enraged when his mother scolded him for keeping salsa in his bedroom that he slammed her against a wall and smashed a TV according to a police report. Jeffrey Gromatski, 42, who lives with his 64-year-old mother in the town of Joliet – injured her shoulder after she complained about his salsa snacking habits. Unfortunately, for him, he was charged with domestic battery over the tantrum.


TEXAS: Headline, “Immigrants on ICE.” Sixty immigrants were recently found in a load of ice-covered broccoli in a refrigerated trailer at a south Texas border checkpoint. ICE agents opened the padlocked trailer in Falfurras and found dozens of immigrants amid pallets of broccoli lined with ice. No one was hurt, and the trucker faces immigrant smuggling charges.


FLORIDA: Not a leg to stand on… In late August, a man stuffed heroin into his fake leg and tried to smuggle it into a Florida jail. Of course, officers found the dope along with a syringe inside William Conley’s prosthetic leg after he refused to take it off at the Marion County jail, police said.


CANADA: Confederate flag flap firing… A construction worker in Hamilton, Canada lost his job after flying a Confederate battle flag at his job site. Keith Lipiec posed for photos with the controversial flag, saying he is not a racist and that he simply did it for the fun of it. His employer at the Yoke Group did not find it funny at all and fired him the same day.


PENNSYLVANIA: A purple perp? It has been reported that Ferguson Township police are looking for a tall man who wore a purple dress and an ivory-colored hood when he robbed a credit union. Police say that the man threatened to use a gun and a bomb if the teller refused to give him money fast at the SPE federal Credit Union at about 4 pm one afternoon in late August. So far, no arrest has been made but police have posted a photo from the bank’s cameras on the department’s Facebook page.






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