Weird Criminal Law Stories # 567: Hard Pills to swallow?

INDIANA: Hard pills to swallow. In June 2018, police seized dozens of bright orange “ecstasy pills” shaped like President Trump’s head. The image of Trump’s face is stamped on the tablets along with the phrase “GREAT AGAIN.” Police confiscated the pills in connection with 129 drug-related arrest in northern Indiana.

KENTUCKY:  Her first parking ticket. It has been reported that a 3-year-old toddler is celebrating her first parking ticket. An officer in the town of Covington spotted a toy BMW perfectly parallel-parked. The officer left a “summons” on the kiddie car’s dashboard, stating “You did a great job of parking and we appreciate it.” He and his colleagues filled the car with presents, including a teddy bear.

LOUISIANA: Jokers wild? We learn that Terrence Roquemore, 24, was wandering drunk and naked when police were called to the DiamondJacks Casino in the town of bossier in late June 2018. When Roquemore allegedly threw chairs at them, he was subdued with bean-bag rounds and charged with assault  and other charges.

LOUISIANA: He got the 411 the hard way… It has been reported that Christian Palacios, 24, called police in the town of Thibodaux to learn whether he had any active warrants out for his arrest. Police confirmed that he had no warned but charged him with unlawful use of 911 to make a non-emergency call.

MICHIGAN: “Ruff ride,” read the headline. A man was arrested for alleged DWI after an officer spotted him parked in the middle of an intersection – preparing a sandwich for his dog. The pickup driver allegedly made the road-blocking pit stop near the town of Grayling because his dog, Lucky, hungry, authorities said. The doggie downed the snack and was handed over to a relative of its owner, who was soon eating jailhouse food.

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