Weird Criminal Law Stories # 573: Hey, no fare…

SWITZERLAND:  The headline read, “Hey, no fare.” We learn that an Austrian couple and their 10-year-old daughter were accused of attacking a cabby and making off with his taxi in July 2018. We learn, further, that the father who “was not fit to drive” and did not have a license eventually crashed into a parked boat.

TENNESSEE: The headline read, Worst. Date. Ever.  Kelton Griffin of Memphis is accused of stealing his date’s car – and using it to take another woman out to see a movie. On top of that after the two-timing thief was arrested at the Summer Drive-In, the first woman said the second date was her god sister.

UNITED KINGDOM: Meeeeoow… We learn that a British finance manager stole nearly half a million dollars from his bosses and used some of the money to buy purebred kittens. Matthew Farrimond, 41, of Buckshaw Village, embezzled the money from a construction firm to pay for posh vacations, along with a new home and pedigree kittens, according to authorities. Farrimond is now spending four years in prison.

WISCONSIN: The idiot tried to run away from his problem. It has been reported that a 19-year-old man who flipped his car in early June 2018 pretended to be a passing jogger in a bid to fool the police investigating the matter. The teen fled the scene of the single vehicle crash, removed some clothing and then returned. He told Madison police he was an uninvolved jogger but was arrested anyway.

VIRGINIA: We hope he had good insurance. A motorist slammed his $300,000 sports car into a tree less than a day after driving it off the sales lot. The unidentified man was speeding in Great Falls when he lost control of his McLaren 720S. which foes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. He was rushed to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, but there was no saving the car.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “Sweet justice.” We learn that a serial streaker was arrested for allegedly exposed himself to more than a dozen women joggers in England – thanks to his taste for gummy bears. The 18-year-old man often seen eating gummy bears while exposing himself near Durham city, dropped a receipt for the candy on a bridge that enabled police to track him down, authorities said.

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