Weird Criminal Law Stories # 577: A horse is a horse of course…

OREGON: A horse is a horse of course of course… It has been reported that a horse is suing his former owner for negligence after they left him starved, covered with lice and badly frostbitten. Justice, an 8-year-old quarter horse, is named as the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by his new owners, who are treating him well on a farm in the Cascade mountain range. According to the suit the revenge seeking stud wants $100,000 for veterinarian care along with “pain and suffering.”

UNITED KINGDOM: Wrong house? A Scottish man was so drunk, he took a taxi to what he thought was his parents’ Glasgow house and passed out on what he thought was their couch. However, Thomas Airlie, 26, was in the home his parents had left two years ago. The current owner, Elaine McDade, 43, kicked out an apologetic Airlie who looked she said like a “normal guy who had too much to drink.”

WISCONSIN:  OOOPPS! We learn that a stoner showed his bag of weed to a group of golfers and asked if they wanted to get high with him, — only to learn that he had propositioned the town’s top cop. Waupun Police Chief Scott Louden, had just finished a round of golf with his pals, when the generous stranger made the offer. “I told him, you brought that out to the wrong person!” Louden said. Yes, an arrest was made.

UNITED KINGDOM: Drunk and high? We learn that a drunken Englishman who was also high on cocaine attacked an ice-cream truck with a 3-foot-long samurai sword prompting frightened screams from children. Jamie Tickle, 32, was arrested and given a three-year prison sentence for the strange July 1, 2018 incident.

VERMONT: The headline read, “Getaway diver.” A robber on the run from police tried to make a getaway by driving into a lake. Police encountered the man while searching for a suspect in an armed robbery of a gas station. The store clerk saw the suspect was wearing an ankle monitor and police traced him to a car travelling through the town of Berkshire. After a 20-mile car chase the suspect drove onto a dock and straight into St Albans Bay. He got out of the car and tried to swim away before officers caught him on an adjacent dock. We learn that the unidentified man is facing several charges.

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