Weird Criminal Law Stories # 582: Busted!

FLORIDA: “Busted!” An 81-year-old woman gave new meaning to the term “busted” when police caught her guzzling boxed wine on a street corner – topless. Mary Stewart allegedly let it all hang out on a bench in St. Petersburg, where she lifted a box of Franzia Sunset Blush over her head and chugged it straight from the nozzle.

FLORIDA: An unhappy hour for beer crooks. A man and woman made off with two cases of Corona Light without paying at an Orlando convenience store but were soon arrested after a police officer pulled into the parking lot and was told by an employee that the thieves had just driven off. The officer caught up with the car – and when he tried to pull it over, its driver missed a turn and crashed into a tree. The man got out and tried to run before the officer Tased him. Yes, arrests were made.

FLORIDA: “Wurst intruder ever,” read the headline. A woman returned to her home in Myrtle Beach and found a bandit in her living room chowing down on a corndog he had taken from her fridge. The munchie-stricken bandit told the 30-year-old homeowner he was hungry then sped away on her bike.

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