Diversity a Must for Florida law Firms

Birdsong does not know Teddy Pierre but wishes to thank him for emailing a newspaper article from the Palm Beach Post dated June 20, 2008.  The story concerned the Florida Bar’s 2008 Annual Convention held in Boca Raton.  One message that came from the convention was: Diversity must be taken seriously in Florida.

            During the group’s diversity symposium a panel of attorneys from major corporations discussed how their companies have made a commitment to work with law firms that show a commitment to diversity. Various panelists indicated that their companies go as far as looking at the number of minorities, women, people with disabilities and people of different sexual orientations the firms have on staff.

            One panelist, a Wal-Mart attorney, told the convention that his company started focusing on the diversity of its lawyers five years ago, moving over $60 million in business from majority white male law firms to more diverse practices.

            Another stated that the old excuse that a firm “just can’t find minority lawyers” is ridiculous — pointing out that in-house attorneys at Wal-Mart, which is based in northwest Arkansas, is made up of 37 percent minorities and 43 percent women.

            Yet, another panelist opined that “Diversity is not an option in doing business in corporate America anymore… it’s the right policy to have legal teams that reflects society…and its good for business.” 

            To which Birdsong says BRAVO!!

            The Story may be found at PalmBeachPost.com under the Friday, June 20, 2008, headline: Diversity a must for law firms in Florida, panel tells attorneys.


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