Weird Criminal Law Stories # 700: Crappy Political Party Pooper?

OHIO: The headline read, “He’s one crappy political party pooper.” It was reported in early-June 2021 a 70-year-old man was arrested for repeatedly defecating on his neighbor’s lawn because the residents of the property support “Joe Biden” according to the police report. Jerry Detrick – who says he is a “Trump man,” confessed after homeowner Matthew Guyette caught him squatting and called 911. We learn that Detrick was cited for littering. 

    Sounds more like “dumping” to me.

ARIZONA: What  an Idiot! A bandit made off with a van parked outside a funeral home – only to learn there were two corpses inside, police said. An employee of the South Mountain Mortuary left the vehicle running briefly before returning to find it gone. Police allegedly found Jose Molina, Jr sitting inside the death mobile in a parking lot and arrested him.

FLORIDA: Did he really need a getaway cart? A man escaped from a maximum-security jail outside of Tampa, only to be caught in the parking lot of a golf-cart store. Mr. Cody Jondreau was facing hard time for murder after the death of his 9-week-old son was ruled a homicide, but he broke free after climbing up the wall of a recreation yard and cutting razor wire in just 26 seconds. He was taken into custody soon after and was promptly returned to jail.

FLORIDA: 14-year-old car thief! In early- June 2021, a Florida man hopped on a motor scooter to chase down a thief who had stolen a $200,000 Lamborghini SUV. The expensive car was swiped by a 14-year-old boy. The car’s owner, Chris Sander heard the engine rev up and saw his prized ride rolling off. The boy pulled over a few blocks away and surrendered peaceably.

NORTH CAROLINA: County says No No to Coca Cola? We learn that Surry County has banned all Coca Cola vending machines from government office buildings because the soda company is too “left wing.” The Surry County commission voted 3-2 to forbid the beverage over the Atlanta based soft-drink maker’s criticism of new Georgia voting laws.  Coke’s CEO, James Quincey said in March 2021 the firm opposes legislation that restricts voter access.

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