Weird Criminal Law Stories # 697: All about arrests of Capitol rioters Jan. 6 2021, Part 2

NEW YORK: Perhaps, the Dumbest Turncoat rioter Arrested in April 2021? Robert Chapman, who lives in the upstate town of Carmel in Putnam County, was arrested in late-April 2021 on charges in connection with the riot at the US Capitol on January 6. Chapman came to light of the FBI after he boasted about taking part in the insurrection on the dating app Bumble a week after the riot. We learn from a report that another Bumble user tipped off the Feds with a screenshot of a damming exchange at the Capitol. “I did storm the Capitol,” Chapman bragged, adding he had spoken to the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Chapman is charged with knowingly entering and remaining on restricted government property, as well as violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

NEW JERSEY: Gym owner rioter Turncoat Arrested… Scott Fairlamb, 44, was accused and charged assaulting a police officer during the January 6 storming of the Capitol. Fairlamb who runs a gym in the town of Pom. Fairlamb is a former mixed martial arts fighter. He was indicted on 12 charges in March 2021. He is allegedly among one of the first people to storm the building. He will be held without bail pending his trial.

TEXAS: Yes, two more rioter Turncoats arrested! In late-April 2021 Mark, 51, and Jalise Middleton, 50, of the town of Forestburg were arrested in late-April by federal authorities who allege that they were seen in photos participating in the  Capitol riot and were caught on the body cams of officers they allegedly attacked.

NEW YORK CITY: Another Turncoat rioter outed by a sweet tweet. An alleged US Capitol rioter has been caught after an acquaintance spotted him inside the Capitol building in a twitter post, federal authorities said. Anton Lunyk, 26, was arrested in mid-May 2021 at his home in Brooklyn on federal charges of disorderly conduct and knowingly remaining in a restricted building.  It appears that a college acquaintance of Lunyk who saw him in the screenshot of  a video tweeted by a newspaper and tipped off the FBI, according to court papers. Federal prosecutors in Washington D.C. are handling the case.

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