Weird Criminal Law Stories # 521: New Year’s Eve 2018

I hope all my readers have a wonderful New Year in 2019!!

PENNSYLVANIA: They called him a “Thumbskull.” It appears that Michael Rohana, 24, a guest at a Philly museum’s “Ugly Sweater Party” in December of last year, is accused of stealing the left thumb from a $4.5 million ancient statue. Rohana snapped off the thumb of a life-sized terracotta warrior on loan from China after slipping into a closed Franklin Institute exhibit, police said.


CHINA: A follow-up to the “Thumbskull” story appeared a few days later out of China with the headline “Thumb-thing is rotten,” It reports that Chinese authorities are furious that the thumb of a $4.5 million warrior statue was allegedly pilfered by a Philadelphia partygoer. Wu Haiyun, director of the government run Shaanxi Cultural Center which loaned the 2,000-year-old terracotta to the Franklin Institute called on the U.S. to severely punish Michael Rohana. It appears china has lodged a protest to the U.S. but no word from the Americans at the Franklin Institute.


PENNSYLVANIA: This teacher needs to learn a few lessons. Tara Smith, a Susquentia High School mathematics teacher, not only stole a white Coach bag, wallet, $250 in cash and a Victoria’s Secret gift card from a student, police say that Ms. Smith, 32, was silly enough to use the gift card herself to buy items she had shipped to her own home, according to the police who arrested her for grand theft.


TEXAS: He busted out of prison for a home cooked meal! It appears that prison food was so bad that Joshua Hansen, 25, of Dallas, was caught trying to sneak back into a federal prison in Beaumont with a feast – including sausages, chicken, rice and veggies – all in a duffel bag, according to Jefferson County police. Police also say they found that Hansen was hauling a stash of liquor.



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