Weird Criminal Law Stories # 397: Beast of the Bedroom?

ENGLAND: The “beast of the bedroom has now been caged.” A British man with a lot to boast about in the bedroom telephoned emergency services 30 times in four hours just to brag. The 59-year-old called the hotline to tell of his prowess in bed. Officials traced the calls and arrested the suspect for wasting police resources. He is now in jail.


CHINA: This was not the last stand of the mighty 300! Several scantily clad men, marching in formation like Spartan warriors, were thrown down by Beijing police during a restaurant’s ill-fated publicity stunt. The men, in skimpy leather shorts, sandals and capes marched with plastic containers of salad to hype the restaurant Sweetie Salad. Police arrested several of the salad Spartans, saying such gatherings must be approved in advance.


ENGLAND: Hog wild, maybe?? Police who were asked to check on the welfare of folks living in a house in suburban England found a menagerie – including a fully grown pig, three dogs, four ferrets and 12 cats. The owner of the animals, a 41-year-old woman, was later arrested for threatening a woman she believed had called the police about her four legged pets.


ENGLAND: Take photos of yourself in your garden? Maybe not! A British man, Richard Edmunds, took a selfie photo of himself in his garden. Unfortunately, his garden was an indoor grow house full of marijuana plants. Shortly after taking the selfie British police found a copy of the photo during a raid. Mr. Edmunds is now in jail.


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