Weird Criminal Law Stories #699: What a Haul!

TEXAS:  What a Haul! We learn more than $4 million worth of methamphetamine was found hidden in a shipment of brined cucumbers at the Texas-Mexico border in April 2021, authorities said. The tractor-trailer driver was arrested for hauling the stash of speed – which included 114 packages weighing a total of 217 pounds.

SPAIN:  Dogged police detectives got an assist from a poodle, read the headline. A woman who faked her death  in spring 2021,was foiled by her pet, police report. The 47-year-old alleged fraudster pretended she had met with her maker after authorities accused her of embezzling $1.2 million from a German solar-power firm. However, detectives learned from social media she owned a giant poodle, then saw a man walking the pooch in her neighborhood. Police then followed them straight to the gal’s home in Santa Ponca, where she was arrested.

MINNESOTA: A new take of the old popcorn and a coke. We learn that a movie theater manager sold cocaine over the concession counter hidden in  buttery snack bags. Jamie Hiniker, 39, was arrested for allegedly selling drugs at Spotlight Theaters in the city of Mankato, after an informant told the police of the concession-stand hustle.

NEW ZEALAND: A stiff one, maybe? An Auckland activist who spray-paints penises over potholes in an effort to spur the city to fix them has been threatened with prosecution. Police warned Geoff Upson who has drawn some 100 wieners,  will face legal action if he does not stop. The warning came in early-May 2021.Officials say the junk art distracts drivers.

UNITED KINGDOM: The headline read, “Say cheese! It was reported in late-May 2021 that a British drug dealer landed in  prison for 13 years thanks to a photo of him holding some cheese.  Narcotics pusher Carl Stewart, 39, of Liverpool got creamed after sharing online a snap of his fingers holding a block of cheese. “His palm and fingerprints were analyzed from this picture,” said a police spokesperson. Mr. Stewart was involved in supplying large amounts of drugs—but was caught out by his love for cheese.

UNITED KINGDOM: What a “high” tide! Locals strolling a beach near Hastings, England were very surprised when they discovered $127 million worth of cocaine washed up on a sleepy shoreline. The haul weighed more than a ton, was  wrapped in waterproof bags, and attached to life jackets so it would float, authorities reported. Also, an unspecified amount cash was found.

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