Weird Criminal Law Stories # 390: SWATS for Dinner ?

MARYLAND: The question was “SWATS” for dinner? A supermarket shoplifter who was caught stealing hair accessories and a bag of chips thought she would escape store security by scaling the shelves and climbing into the ceiling of a Giant market in Baltimore. After ceiling tiles began to fall, the grocery store was forced to evacuate and call a SWAT team to extract the woman – who had taken merchandise worth $8.50. Nevertheless, they arrested her and sent her to jail.


OHIO:  You are getting sleepy, sleepy, very sleepy… A former attorney accused of hypnotizing female clients for his sexual gratification was arrested in August of 2015. Michael Fine, 58, of Sheffield faces multiple charges of kidnapping, sexual battery and gross sexual imposition charges. Two women had reported to the State Bar that they believed they had been hypnotized after being unable to recall meetings with Fine who ultimately surrendered his law license.


OKLAHOMA:  Jell-O shots? A bus driver was arrested and then fired for downing Jell-O shots on the job, authorities said. Tammy Jones, 53, blew a .07 blood-alcohol level after complaints about her erratic driving police report. She was then fired from her job at Eagle Bluff Resort in Tahlequah, shuttling guests to the Illinois River.


PENNSYLVANIA: He would have been better off if he had used a black beard. Chris Furay was captured on video robbing six Pittsburgh-area banks. It has been revealed that in the first three stickups he didn’t cover his real red beard. Later he disguised himself with a fake red beard. It didn’t take police department to connect the dots. Furay is now in prison where he is contemplating another career he might pursue.


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