Weird Criminal Law Stories 1

Birdsong often trolls the wire services for  weird criminal law stories in the news.  Here are a few – enjoy:

May, 2008: An Iowa college student opened fire on police – with M&M’s.

Sean McGuire said he pelted the cops with candy to protest the treatment of a friend who was  being questioned in connection with a hit and run auto accident.

Police officers did not like or understand the “humor,” and McGuire was thrown behind bars…and not the candy kind.

May 2008: More candy!  Do not dispose of evidence in this fashion.

A 15 year old shoplifter was busted for stealing candy bars when police in Bremerton, Washington detected the odor of chocolate on his breath as they questioned him.

The boy denied taking the candy, until the smell gave him away.  He said he took the candy because he was hungry.

Aha! The Jean Valjean defense, once again!

May 2008: A woman whose wallet had been swiped just got it back – after 35 years.

Sandy Baumberger of Alton, Illinois, owes a debt of gratitude to a dental student who found the wallet in a bathroom stall at school after a water pipe broke and loosened some ceiling tiles.

The crook had apparently stashed  the wallet in the ceiling in 1973.

The wallet still contained Baumberger’s driver’s license, library cards, social security card, student ID, a grocery list and even a swatch from her brides-maids’ dresses.

No money was recovered. Yep!


May 2008:  Do not lie to the police!

A Wisconsin man found this out the hard way that lying to the police can get you in deeper trouble.

When the police  pulled over the man’s car, he gave them a fake name – unfortunately, it was the name of someone wanted for  a homicide.

When he found out, he gave police his true name.  He said he lied to them because he had several outstanding warrants.

Go figure!

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