The Jesse Jackson Flap Will Help Obama

Birdsong likes Barack Obama and hopes he will be elected President of the United States.

The possibility of this coming to pass increased greatly recently when on Sunday, July 6, 2008, the Rev. Jesse Jackson made disparaging remarks about Obama into a microphone that Jackson believed had been shut off.

 After a taping of a Fox News TV segment in which he was interviewed , Jackson said that Obama’s speeches at black churches urging black men to step up and take care of their families and to become “real men” was “talking down “ to black people and that Obama needed to have his “nuts cut off.”  Unfortunately, Jackson made these remarks without realizing that the lapel microphone attached to his suit jacket had not  yet been turned off.  Of course Jackson apologized to Obama when he learned that Fox news was going to air the tape on July 9, 2008.

So how does this slip of the tongue by Jackson help Obama?  It’s simple.  Jackson intimated in his remarks that Obama should be talking about issues more pertinent to black people and not moralizing on black behavior.

Many, many white people despise the Rev. Jesse Jackson.  Such people have despised him for over twenty five years.  They see him as a “civil rights hustler” and an opportunist.  Birdsong believes that once many of the white people who are on the fence about supporting Obama understand that Jackson has spoken out against Obama these same white people will warm to Obama and may even vote for him.

It’s human nature.  The enemy of my enemy can become my friend.  Barack Obama can become their friend because of their hate for the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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