Chain Gang Charlie Crist to Wed!

Birdsong is a proud citizen of the State of Florida.  Florida is a lovely place in which to live.  We also have a governor to be proud of, Charles Crist.  Crist has fought for equal opportunity for all citizens of Florida for many years.  He is a supporter of civil rights and is a lifelong member of the NAACP.

He is sometimes referred to as “Chain Gang Charlie” for his 1992 legislative proposal to bring back chain gangs for Florida prisoners when he was a Florida State Senator.

Despite that silly idea that never became a law, Crist has been a good public servant who, until he ran for governor, was often maligned by the press for his chain gang idea,  for the fact that he could not get into a Florida law school, and instead attended law school in Georgia, and then  further maligned because he failed the Florida Bar Exam twice before obtaining his law license.

 Now,during the July 4th weekend, 2008, he has announced his engagement to a wealthy New York socialite, Carole Rome. This begs the question, “Why now Charlie?”  Does it have anything to do with his possible bid to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate?

Does Charles Crist really need to get married?  To a New York “socialite” no less!

After his graduation from law school Crist was married.  That marriage lasted less than a year.  During his 30 year career subsequent to that marriage’s end he remained one of Florida’s most eligible bachelors .Crist has served as a state senator.  He was then appointed Deputy Secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Later, he won statewide election to the post of Florida Commissioner of Education.  Later, still, he won election as Florida’s Attorney General. In 2006 he was elected Governor of the State of Florida by a wide margin.

Chain Gang Charlie was not required to be married to attain all of those positions in which he served with distinction.

Do Republican Party family values require that a vice Presidential candidate have a wife…or is Carol Rome a convenient “beard?”

Inquiring minds want to know….

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