Weird Criminal Law Stories 5

Read some more truly weird criminal stories that Birdsong has found for you:

Monroe, WS: Two dozing burglars were busted sleeping – one in a stolen hammock, the other in a pile of pilfered pillows – after swiping some patio furniture from a Monroe, Washington department store.  Police found the snoozing pair after following a trail of pillows about 200 feet from the store. A Monroe police spokeswoman said, “We believe alcohol was involved.”

Birdsong would surmise that there was actually a whole lot of alcohol involved.


Rhode Island: One more about alcohol… a record you would really not want to set.

A Rhode Island driver was arrested by police and found to have a blood alcohol level of .491 – six times the legal limit – and the highest ever recorded in the state for someone not dead.  Health officials say a .4 is considered “comatose” and a.5 is fatal. Police said “Our only assumption could be that the person has a serious alcohol problem.”

Yep, again, a whole lot of alcohol!

San Luis Obispo, CA: Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire – the last alcohol caper!

Two practical jokers in this California town decided to mess with their passed out drinking buddy by setting his crotch on fire.  It was reported that the man suffered second degree burns to his testicles.


Brooklyn, NY: Birdseed?

A passenger on a flight from Guyana was charged with smuggling 13 finches into the U.S. A. to use in singing contests.  Customs agents noticed bird feed in the luggage of Terrence McLean at JFK Airport.  After searching McLean the agents found the birds hidden inside women’s hair curlers.  The Guyanese finches are thought to sing better than their American brethren. McLean admitted that he hoped to sell the birds, which he had captured in the wild.  He was arraigned in Brooklyn federal court.

Tweet, tweet, tweet! Who’s singing now….

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