Dee Dee Decries No More "Made in America"

Birdsong’s “hottie” girlfriend Dee Dee wants to be heard again. And, Birdsong is going to let her have her say.  After all, she is my girlfriend.  She decries the fact that there seems to be no longer anything made in America.


Dee Dee writes:


“Why are so many Americans out of work?  To answer that question, I started looking at products and services I use, and clothing I wear. I haven’t been living with my head in the sand. I know generally that jobs have been going overseas. But after I did my personal survey, the magnitude of this country’s plight was glaring.  


What an eye opener!  No wonder there are no jobs!  Businesses have found the goose that laid the golden egg!   “American” companies manufacture and make clothing outside the U.S. Americans no longer have a preferred position as the only workforce producing or manufacturing “American” goods and services for an “American” company.  They are merely one of many international consumer groups. 


Jobs making clothes attracted immigrants to this country.  They have not gotten the 411  about the sea change so they are still coming for those jobs and those jobs are gone. Or, they or their relatives are working in the factories opened up in their country.  If Americans can afford to buy all of these items, they figure,  than even better opportunities are waiting for them if they move to the U.S.  No one has “schooled” them before they spend their life savings to come to America-no longer the land of milk and honey!


With jobs for Americans dwindling and those remaining not guaranteed, we are forced to look for discount products and knock-offs and abandon American department stores, like Dillards, Macy’s, JC Penneys, Sears. WalMart, is there ready like the pied piper to steer us towards their stores.


Who is WalMart?  It is said that they buy in bulk to negotiate cheaper prices.  But did you know that they also save money by evading paying employee benefits.  They hire part-time workers and with its full-time American workers that WalMart claims it hires to counter criticism that most of its employees are part-time, by ordering supervisors to monitor the work schedules to be sure and not schedule any employees for 40 hours in a week.  To put the icing on the cake, WalMart is also known to hire contractors using illegal immigrants for cleaning services.   


Who Manufactured My Clothing And Where were They Made?  Here are some examples.


  • Blouse by Carole Little –northern islands of imported fabric



  • Blouse by Talbot’s –     Singapore



  • Blouse by Kenneth Too! –Thailand


  • Jacket by Alfani-          China


  • Pant by Geoffrey Beene Sport –Dominican Republic

I’ll let you know about more items in my closet.  But we all can find the culprit by looking in the mirror.  I don’t want to be responsible.  We are letting jobs leave our country and we wonder why we are out of work. 

Send me the names of clothing for men and women that are made in America and I’ll post it.  We should want everyone to know that we can help our home-grown businesses and American workers by buying what’s truly American.”   

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