Weird Criminal Law Stories 43

Birdsong brings you a few more  of those weird criminal law stories he loves collecting.

Utah: Police say a Utah man was pulling up his pants after using a toilet at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant when his pistol fell to the floor and fired, blowing up the toilet and wounding him with shards of flying porcelain.

He was aiming to be stupid and he was right on target.

Indiana:  An Indiana grandmother accused of biting her six month old granddaughter says she couldn’t have done it because she doesn’t have enough teeth. Penny Hudson has suggested that either the family dog is the culprit or that the girl did it to herself.  Police think she’s lying through her teet.

We’ve heard it before…its the old “I ain’t got no teeth” defense.

Colorado: A pregnant Denver woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death after becoming angry that he had done the laundry with a buddy instead of her, and after he had complained about her cooking.  Michelle Martin started “going off” on Michael Thomas’ laundry decision, according to a witness.  Police said Martin got even madder when Thomas returned home and the couple began arguing “over food that Michelle had cooked earlier in the day.”  In the midst of the fight their roommate heard a thud and walking into the bathroom, found Thomas on the floor with a knife wound in the stomach.

Must have been some real dirty laundry don’t you think?

West Virginia: A woman in this state loves her beer more than her boyfriend.  Angela Amodio, 41, allegedly wanted a cold one so badly that she attacked her live-in guy pal when he tried to hide it from her to keep her sober.  She punched him in the face and cut him with a screw driver.

Just give her the brew, give her the brew…

Alabama: Members of an Alabama fire department are trying to figure out why someone broke into their firehouse and stole the “jaws of life.”  The thief left behind a TV and two air tanks worth $10,000, but made off with the 60 pound $12,000 cutting device used for getting to people trapped in car wrecks.

Perhaps, he just wanted to play hero.

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