Weird Criminal Law Stories 42

Birdsong brings you a few weird criminal law stories from the great State of Florida.  Read them and weep.

Daytona Beach:  A teenage girl who participated in Daytona spring-break contests involving wet T-shirts, bananas and coital positions can’t file suit over photos of her antics posted on the Internet.  She claimed she had been tricked into acting in a “sexually explicit” way.  However, a three judge panel of the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals ruled that none of her bawdy acts was truly “explicit.”

Yep!  They always say they were tricked into doing it, don’t they!

Fort Pierce: A Florida woman hiding from the police was arrested when a 4-year-old child told the officers she was under the bed.  When police arrived at the Fort Pierce house, two men and a woman who were there said the woman had left, but the little girl piped up and told the truth.

Give the kid a badge.

Orlando: That’s not a knife — that’s a knife.  An Orlando shop clerk played Crocodile Dundee, stopping a knife-wielding robber by pulling out a much bigger knife.  The thief then fled and lamely tried to defend himself by throwing a bottle of suntan lotion at the clerk.  The man got away.

Sounds like something that would happen in Orlando.

Casselbery: A Florida woman used a much blunter weapon to settle a domestic beef when she used a bagel to hit a man on the head.  Cassady Catolico, 28, was busted for the bagel battery on Steven Bunaisky.


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