Weird Criminal Law Stories 41

Birdsong is at again.  Here are some weird criminal law stories from overseas.  It appears that the United States does not have the market on weird criminal stories and stupid criminals.  Enjoy.

Australia: A man wearing a black leather mask broke into a woman’s house in Australia and beat her on the head with a sex toy.  The woman managed to get away from the man with just minor facial bruises.

What a weirdo….at least it wasn’t rape.

Poland: A crook on the lam from police tried to hide from police by rolling up in a giant rug and propping himself against a balcony as cops searched his apartment.  He was nabbed when one cop noticed the carpet was trembling.  Miroslaw Babrowski faces 12 years in jail for armed robbery.

Go ahead…say it.  He lied like a rug!  Har, har, har…..

Australia: When asked by cops why he strips naked and runs down the street, a serial streaker in Australia replied, “It just happens.”  A judge didn’t accept the reasoning and told Gabriel Romanos that he has an “atrocious history of this behavior.”

Yep!  It was not the most creative of excuses

Germany: For some, not knowing the answer to a crossword clue is a serious problem.  So serious in this case that a German woman called police for the answer to 5 Down.  While angry police charged Petra Hirsch with wasting police time, they did give her the answer so it was worth it.  I was totally stumped,” said Hirsch.  “It was really bothering me.”


Serbia: Trying financial times call for creative solutions.  Here was a stupid one.  A ski-mask-wearing bandit robbed a bank in Serbia but was caught when he returned 30 minutes later — without the mask– to pay off his overdraft with the money he stole.  Sharp-eyed employees recognized him from the bright red sneakers he wore both times.

El Stupido!

Peru: It’s apparently OK to get plastered on the job in Peru.  Pablo Cayo, a janitor in the town of Chorrillos, was canned because he was intoxicated.  But when Cayo took his case to the nation’s Supreme Court, the judges sided with him, saying he didn’t offend or hurt anyone.

….but did they give him his job back?

Germany: A German teen caught shoplifting tried to fool police by giving them a fake address but landed in more hot water when it turned out to be the address of one of the arresting officers.  The sticky-fingered young jerk had no choice but to admit that he lied.


New Zealand: Police in New Zealand nabbed a burglar after posting on Facebook a video of him breaking into a safe.  They soon got many responses identifying the man and were able to track him down.  He’s been charged with two counts of burglary.

Social networking with a conscience!

Germany: Bungling police officers responding to a liquor store robbery in Berlin let the crooks escape — and arrested each other.  Plainclothes police first on the scene were wrestled to the ground and arrested when their uniformed colleagues arrived just minutes later.  “When the plainclothes guys tried to tell them who they were, the uniformed police told them to keep quiet,” said the store manager.

Obviously Germany’s version of the keystone Kops.


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