Weird Criminal Law Stories 40

Birdsong just can’t seem to stay away from these weird criminal law stories he finds in the news and on the wire services.  Feast upon this week’s edition of weird stories from abroad.


East Sussex, England: A council in East Sussex has put the kibosh on any street name that even sounds “rude.”  So, forget about  the old  street names  we came to love, such as Cracknuts Lane, Juggs Road and (oh, dear) Cockshut Road. New guidelines will avoid double entendres and randy names, the council said.

Oh, those British prudes…we will miss the likes of Cracknuts Lane.

Northern Italy: An Italian convict who was let out of prison early begged to be let back in because he could not stand living with his parents.  Guido Beneventi, 30, called his jailers “my saviors” after they agreed to take him back.  “I just couldn’t take another day with them,” he said of his parents after they continuously lectured him and ordered him to clean his room.

We wonder whether the sex in prison was also better than at home?

Monterrey, Mexico: A supposedly paraplegic Mexican woman who begged for change while being pushed in  a wheelchair through Monterrey by her husband “miraculously” regained her ability to run after a security guard caught them trying to break into a store.  The couple was later arrested when they returned to get the wheelchair.

Ay!  Mamacita! Arriba, Arriba…

Saskatchewan, Canada:  A Canadian man didn’t run a-fowl of the law when he hurled chickens at several stores.  Yelling, “Chickens are murder,” the 20-year-old tossed a live bird into cooked-chicken  displays at a Saskatchewan convenience store.  Minutes later, two more came flying through the back door of a bar.  The culprit was referred to a rehab program.

What was he rehabbing from, chicken plucking?

Lagos, Nigeria:  Looks as if Nigeria’s roads have been taken over by a bunch of pumpkin heads – and that is not an insult.  Motorcyclists protesting a new Nigerian  law that requires them to wear helmets have taken to wearing dried pumpkin on their heads.  Officials are not laughing, however, and say they will prosecute anyone violating the new law.

At least they are not Butt-heads.



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