Weird Criminal Law Stories # 393: Stories from Abroad

LEBANON: Red alert??? A security scanner detected radioactivity in a half-ton shipment of maxi-pads at Beirut Airport. The sanitary napkins, ordered from China, contained 35 times the “safe” level of radioactivity, government official said. This is the latest in a string of radioactive goods coming into Lebanon.


CHINA: Something smells Fishy… A company that spilled 10,000 pounds of catfish on a roadway in China still plans to sell the slippery suckers. The truck door had swung open, sending hundreds of fish flying into a street in Guizhou. However workers gathered up the seafood sprayed it off and packed it back into the truck.


NEW ZEALAND: A not so funny fat joke… A Pizza Hut employee got a little too saucy when she scribbled a fat joke on the inside of a delivery box. An irate customer was shocked to find the joke, which read: “How do you get a fat chick into bed? Piece of cake.” The employee apologized, saying the gag was meant for a friend who had placed the same order.

ENGLAND: A British grandmother says thieves in the night made off with 90 square feet of her perfectly manicured $4,000 artificial lawn in Wrexham. Police are now searching for the snake in the grass, who they believe sneaked onto the property after dark, rolled up squares of the lawn and fled.

ENGLAND: He was clocked with his own clock! A drunken wife gave a new meaning to getting “clocked in the head” when she bashed her husband with their bedside alarm clock. Monty Borthwick, 59, of Portsmouth was getting ready for bed when he turned to his wife, Kathryne, and asked her for a good night kiss. She responded by beating him with the clock. A judge slapped her with a yearlong community service sentence.

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