Weird Criminal Law Stories #394: All Florida Stories

FLORIDA: Hacking, hacking, hacking…too smart for his own good. A Pasco County middle school student was arrested after authorities said he accessed a school district computer containing FCAT information. The sheriff’s office reported that the 14-year-old logged into several network computers using an administrative-level account for which he did not have access. Aside accessing the computer containing 2014 test information, officials maintain the student took control of a teacher’s computer and displayed an image of two men kissing, disrupting classroom activities. The teen faces felony charges of unauthorized access of computer systems.


FLORIDA: Like father like son. A father plowed through a fence while getting driving lessons from his 15-year-old son – who also didn’t have a driver’s license, police report. Luckner Louis allegedly broke through a park fence in Boynton Beach and then fled with the teen. Both were caught and each were charged with criminal mischief.


FLORIDA: Junkie High jinks?? It appears that heroin as the draw for dozens of folks who lined up on three flights of stairs at a condo complex in Orange County. Undercover agents had just discovered the heroin hot spot when a marked police car, responding to a separate incident, panicked the druggies, prompting some of them to jump out of windows to dodge arrest. We have no information on how many were injured or arrested.


FLORIDA: The headline read: “He only bought a one way ticket.” A Boynton Beach man who left his car running while he bought lottery tickets really does need the prize money now. Because a thief stole his car. The unlucky 42-year-old was playing a scratch-off game when the bandit hopped in his 2004 Infiniti and sped off from the gas station and minimart.



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