Weird Criminal Law Stories # 396: Fart Gun??

IRELAND: The headline read: “This policy stinks.” Security at Dublin Airport took away a 3-year-old boy’s light-up “fart gun,” claiming the toy a security threat, an irate mother complains. The plastic blue toy, based on the “Minions” cartoon characters actually looks like a megaphone. “Sometimes, common sense and compassion can be employed,” mom Daire Fitzpatrick wrote online.


FRANCE: He should count his blessings and not sue. A Frenchman who has been getting paid more than $5,500 a month to stay home from work for more than ten years now wants over $500,000 in compensation because he claimed his career is ruined. Charles Simon revealed a short time ago that he is asking to be compensated for the 12 years he spent doing absolutely nothing after his bosses suspended him with pay in 2003.


NORWAY: Surf was up so he hung ten… A Norwegian prisoner used a surfboard to escape from an island prison. Bastoy Prison is praised for its humane treatment of inmates, who are taught organic farming and are allowed to go cycling on the beach. The prison chief indicated to the prisoner’s family that once the escapee is captured, he will be shipped to a less luxurious facility when he said: “There is no return ticket if you run away.”


SPAIN: The headline read: Small town, “monumental error.” Local authorities in the town of San Cristovo de Cea thought that they were giving the town of 2,400 a little rehab when they replaced a few moss covered rocks with a new picnic bench – only to ignite the furor of history lovers. The so-called “bureaucratic blockheads” claim they had no idea that they removed stones placed there 6,000 years ago by some of Spain’s first inhabitants to mark a prehistoric tomb.



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