Weird Criminal Law Stories # 520: Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

NEW JERSEY: The headline read, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, Mr. Postman.” Leonard Gresham, a former, Newark mailman, plead guilty in early February to taking nearly $15,000 in bribes to deliver packages containing illegal drugs. Gresham, 50, admitted intercepting and personally dropping off the parcels, authorities said.


MICHIGAN: His pest control bombed! It has been reported that a Detroit man accidentally destroyed his home after he used a smoke bomb in an effort to get rid of a pesky skunk in his basement. Unfortunately, the smoke bomb led to a raging fire in the man’s rental home that quickly spread to the first floor and through the walls and attic. However, the worst part? Fire officials say no skunk carcass was found in the debris.


NEW JERSEY: Hot time at the casino. We learn that a New Jersey man set up a meth lab in an Atlantic City casino hotel that caught fire in mid-February 2018, causing four floors to be evacuated, police said. Michael Pillar, 49, of the town of Whiting faces drug and criminal mischief charges at the Tropicana.


OREGON: Munchies, maybe? A lady reportedly went wild after drinking before her Taco Bell run. Diane Wilcox, 39, smashed into garbage cans, nearly hit an elderly couple, and then drove her Mercedes into a ditch en route to the Medford, Taco Bell, police said. We learn further that her blood-alcohol level was 0.55, nearly seven times the legal limit.


OREGON: Terrorism wedding caper. A man became so enraged when he learned he hadn’t been invited to a relative’s wedding, he falsely reported that his father and brother were planning a terror attack. Sonny Smith, 38, of the town of Clackamas is accused of lashing out at his male kin folk because they received invitation and he didn’t


PAKISTAN: Watch your back while in this country ladies. It has been reported that a gang in Punjab, has been arrested for stealing spinal fluid from women and selling it on the black market. The four bandits allegedly told 12 victims they were government officials taking blood samples – before plunging needles into their vertebrae, authorities report. The clear fluid, which protects the brain and spinal cord from injury, was likely sold to traditional Islamic healers, authorities reported, further.



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