Weird Criminal Law Stories # 399: Michigan Flamethrowers??

MICHIGAN: This has become a hot button issue. The mayor of Warren wants to outlaw flamethrowers in his city after companies began advertising igniters online. The flamethrowers sell for between $900 and $1,600, and shoot streams of fire up to fifty feet. Manufactures maintain that their flamethrowers are meant to clear weeds, insect hives and snow.


MICHIGAN: D’OH! A reserve police officer was arrested after allegedly showing up to a sex-for drugs exchange in his police uniform. It appears that Mike Strong of Prairieville Township Police Department did not realize that it might have been a bad idea to bring his service revolver along with him when he went to meet a man he believed would give him sexual favors in exchange for illegal substances. Unfortunately, Strong was actually meeting Michigan State police investigators who promptly arrested him in a sting operation. D’OH!


MICHIGAN: A state lawmaker was expelled and another quit in mid-September, 2015 over their attempt to hide their affair with a bogus, sexually explicit email. Rep. Cindy Gamrat, 42, was voted out just after 4 am during a legislative session. Rep Todd Courser, 43, who also faced expulsion had resigned and hour earlier. Courser admitted sending out a graphic email in May contending he was caught with a male prostitute. It was intended to distract from the affair. Gamrat admitted that she had discussed the plot with him.


MICHIGAN: Mr. Senior citizen beats jail time in Grand Rapids! They were probably worried that they would be responsible for his health care there. Howard Klein, 87, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute who was really an undercover police officer. Kent County D.A. William Forsyth said there would be nothing gained by jailing Klein and declined to press charges against the codger. Forsyth said, “He shouldn’t go to jail after 87 years without involvement in the criminal justice system, in my opinion, he earned a pass.”

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