Weird Criminal Law Stories # 400: Only in Florida…

FLORIDA: Felonious sea turtle riding arrest? A 20-year-old young lady, who allegedly was caught sitting or riding on sea turtles in photos that went viral on social media, was arrested in September by Melbourne police. Stephanie Moore, one of two women photographed sitting on or riding sea turtles, was wanted on a felony warrant in connection with the alleged conduct. The photos that went viral prompted numerous complaints to the Florida Fish and wildlife Conservation Commission. Ms. Moore now sits in the Brevard County jail awaiting a bail hearing.


FLORIDA: Son of a gun! Seminole County Sheriff’s officers are investigating how a first grader at a local elementary school ended up with a handgun in his backpack. The student was unpacking his backpack one Friday morning in school “When he saw the gun and did the right thing by not touching it and telling his teacher,” said a sheriff’s office spokesperson. The school resource officer secured the gun. No students were hurt. The boy had no prior knowledge of the gun.

FLORIDA: DUMMY! A Florida man has been banned for life from all Disney theme parks after he cracked a joke about a drug den in his hotel room. David Swindler, 54, was unhappy with the pace of service at the Pop Century Resort. “I could have built a meth lab in the length of time it’s taken you guys to answer my question,” he cracked. Unfortunately, his room was raided by sheriff’s deputies and Disney security in the middle of the night and he and his family were thrown off of the property.


FLORIDA: IDIOT!! A Florida woman was sent to jail when she called police to report being shorted by her drug dealer. Erin Klich, 36, dialed 911 in September and complained to police that she was buying marijuana in Fort Myers and was given 5.4 grams for $75, instead of the seven grams she was promised.


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