Weird Criminal Law Stories # 401: More Weird Florida!!

FLORIDA: The headline read: “Save the stuffing for Thanksgiving.” A man named Alto Blocker was caught with 19 cans of Vienna sausages, five cans of Spam, four bags of peanuts and two bottles of Vodka stuffed down his pants after leaving a Fort Pierce truck stop. He was pulled over by highway patrol officers a short time later. We learn that the total value of the stolen goods was $68.10.


FLORIDA: The headline read simply: “Locker shocker” A man who called for help when he fell and was injured at his Orlando storage unit ended up in the Orange County Jail after the police noticed that the man was storing decades-old child pornography. Fleet Peeples, 76, of Casselberry was arrested and police then searched for children in the images which are believed to now be between 30 and 50 years old.


FLORIDA: What a moron! A paraplegic allegedly stole a vehicle from an Ocala auto dealership by lifting himself inside a vehicle and working the gas and brake with his cane. The handicapped thief then led police on a brief chase that allowed him to outrun the police. He was arrested hours later at a gas station.


FLORIDA: The report stated that the lawman turned the other cheek at a driver who made an ass of herself. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office posted dash-cam video of a deputy pulling over a woman going 50 mph in a 20 mph school zone. “No wonder you people get shot. You’re absolute ass holes,” Joy Feinberg, 62, snapped at the deputy. Fortunately, the deputy only calmly replied: “Thank you Ma’am,” before writing her a speeding ticket.


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