Weird Criminal Law Stories # 519: Hey baby you so fined!

FRANCE: The headline read, “Hey baby, you so fined.” It has been reported that men who catcall women on the street could be fined up to $435 in France under a new legislative proposal. Lawmakers contend that rowdy men who holler loudly, whistle or ask for phone numbers in public should be slapped with the “sexual contempt” citation they propose.


FLORIDA: Naked cash? During the end of January 2018, an alleged bank robber who stripped down to his birthday suit and ran through the streets throwing stolen cash in the air went on trial. We learn that it took only 25 minutes of testimony for the judge to find Alexander Sperber, 26, whose naked flight from a Region’s Bank in Fort Lauderdale was captured on cell-phone video, not guilty by reason of insanity.


FLORIDA: They say this man’s 20-minute airport visit was plane nuts. Drew Bronnenburg, 28, after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, is accused of stripping down to his boxers and hopping the fence at Tampa’s O. Knight Airport. Once there, he allegedly tried to steal two planes (he did not know how to start them) and drove around in a golf cart and an airport fuel truck before crashing into a building and being charged with burglary, criminal mischief and grand theft.


NEW YORK CITY: The headline read, “Teach took bite out of kid.” A substitute teacher in Brooklyn could not stop a 5-year-old from sinking his little teeth into his teacher – so she bit him back, according o prosecutors. Shavonne Johnson, 37, is facing felony assault charges for allegedly biting the boy’s upper arm while supervising his classroom in PS 66. “She told the child to stop and he did not. So, she bit back,” the prosecutor stated at Johnson’s arraignment. But what else was she to do, countered her defense counsel. “He bites teachers regularly, said the defense counsel. “Does she need to wait until he bites off a piece of her flesh. We learn that Johnson was overseeing a class of emotionally disabled children at the time of the event. Ms. Johnson was released without bail and is due back in court in March.


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