Weird Criminal Law Stories # 392: Milky Way, Maybe?

WASHINGTON: Milky Way, maybe? A motorist was detained and ticketed for allegedly driving while nursing. State police pulled over the woman, 43, on a freeway in Everett while she was breast feeding her 1-year-old son, officials said. She was ticketed for driving with an unrestrained child, an infarction carrying a $136 fine.


CANADA: Friends of a Canadian man who died trying to break up a bar fight got into their own brawl at a fund-raiser meant to help pay for his funeral. Dustin Boulet was fatally stabbed at a Saskatoon bar in March 2014 as he attempted to intervene in a scuffle outside a restaurant. One of his friends pleaded guilty in August to assault after he was goaded by a trash talker into a fight of his own.


CHINA: Should we assume he was not a morning person? A man in China beat up his mother and broke four of her ribs after she refused to bring him breakfast in bed. The 27-year-old suspect has been arrested by police.


WASHINGTON: This must have been a whole lot of cupcakes! A government employee in Yakima spent $757 of public money on fancy cupcakes for her own farewell celebration. Cheryl Mattie, the city’s former human-resources director, defended the spending as legitimate. However, city officials disagree and plan to take her to small claims court to recover the $757.




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