600,000 Job Losses -Prez Campaign Solutions

Here’s Dee Dee on job losses and her take on the solutions of the Presidential candidates. 

Senator McCain in his convention speech last week promised that if elected he would partner with community colleges to train Americans for jobs that are not going overseas.  Does McCain really know which jobs corporate America will never send overseas or never fill locally with foreigners? How many students should these colleges be finding seats for?

Well, the numbers for August are out. It is reported that U.S. job losses for August total 84,000.  That raises the job losses for 2008 to 600,000!  That’s alot of chairs next to college-age students currently enrolled. The unemployment rate is at a 5 year high of 6.1%. It’s reported that we need 100,000 jobs per month for 8 straight months to neutralize these losses. The losses are in the areas of manufacturing,professional business services, leisure. Increases were seen in government and health care. 

So, according to McCain, we should look to become nurses, doctors, xray technicians, etc. whether in your 20’s or 60’s right?  With businesses moving away from providing health care coverage?   Don’t expect that increase in the demand for health service providers to continue. What was his speech writer smoking when he or she thought that idea up and what had McCain smoked when he agreed to read that statement from the teleprompter while delivering his speech?

Obama has promised to raise taxes but not on individual middle class Americans.  He proposes to increase taxes on individuals earning $250,000 or more. 

How does the McCain-Palin team reply? With an intelligent response?  No. The team continually runs false ads that describe the Obama tax proposal as an increase on all Americans and on small businesses.  They are so desperate they have stooped to blatant lies!

Obama also proposes to increase taxes on corporations who outsource jobs overseas or cut taxes for corporations who keep jobs in America and hire Americans for those jobs and not imported foreigners. That’s the change we need!

So, do not fall for those campaign ads that accuse Obama of planning to raise taxes.  Those ads deceptively imply that he proposes the increases for individual taxpayers.  Remember, the real truth of what he said. 

Also, McCain has warned that if taxes on corporations are increased, jobs will go overseas.  Too late!  Corporations enjoyed a reduction in taxes with the promise of more jobs if they received tax relief.  What happened?   Those increased jobs were filled with overseas workers either in US offices or offices set up overseas.  Look at Halliburton who hired Filipinos in Iraq!

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