Joe the Plumber's Business Would Avoid Tax Increase

My girlfirend Dee Dee has more on the Joe the Plumber story.

Most small businesses won’t see a tax increase under Senator Obama’s plan.  Why?  Most don’t earn $250,000 per year.  And this amount has to be profit after operating expenses like employee income, supplies are deducted.  It’s been said that Joe’s employer must be an extremely successful plumber to be making that kind of money!

Senator Obama stated that only 2% of small business owners will see a tax increase.  Most file an individual tax return and declare business income on that return.This conforms with the Tax Policy Center  a respected, non-partisan group, according to, a joint venture of the St. Petersburg Times and the Congressional Quarterly.

Some might criticize anyone who looks deeper into Joe the Plumber’s circumstances and say, well, the real issue is Obama’s tax proposals.  No, the issue is McCain’s character for fabricating a Joe, the plumber when Sam had no immediate intention of buying the business.  He was being used.  He will in fact benefit from Obama’s tax proposal in his current job.

I just hope that the business isn’t paying non-livable wages to day laborers (illegal aliens) to help with the work if the business is really worth $278,000.  Only two employees, he and his boss, are being acknowledged as producing $278,000 worth of residential plumbing business-pretty hefty for two people, don’t you think!

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