Weird Politics Stories

In homage to the upcoming election Birdsong brings you a few weird politics stories.

New Jersey: If you believe in the predictive powers of cockroaches, John McCain will become president.  A giant Madagascar hissing cockroach representing McCain easily beat the one representing Barack Obama in a race in late August, 2008, at the New Jersey Pest management Association’s  annual clinic and trade show. Officials said the Republican cockroach finished the six foot track in under five seconds, while the Democratic roach was reluctant to leave the starting point.

Birdsong says don’t put even money on McCain against Obama in the real race for pres.

New York:  You can wear your love for your favorite Presidential candidate on your head and not your sleeve during this election.  Smuly Tenanhaus, a former New Yorker has produced a new line of yarmulkes emblazoned with the names Barrack Obama and Jon McCain.  Dubbed the “Obamica” and the “McCippah,” the head coverings will let observant Jews fly their political colors and uphold the law of the Torah at the same time.  As of August 18, 2008, the “McCippah was narrowly out performing the “Obamica” 51 sales to 49 sales.

Again, Birdsong would not put even  money on McCain to win the election.

Alaska: Alaskan residents were left scratching their heads when they received election pamphlets written in Tagalog, a language commonly spoken in the Philippines.  Bumoto means vote in Tagalog.

For whom are you going to Bumoto in the upcoming election?

Sneedville, TN: Every vote counts – especially when you are voting for yourself.  That’s how Sneedville resident Angela Tuttle, 32 got the job of Constable in Hancock County, where she was the only candidate vying for one of the officer positions.  Although 131 voters turned out at the polls, Tuttle was the only one to vote for Constable.

Again we say…every vote counts..Even in Florida.

La Paz, Bolivia: Facing a recall vote, Bolivian president Evo Morales got some help from a powerful source: witch doctors!  One witch doctor in La Paz, the capital, set  fire to a dried llama fetus at the behest of a client, one of several lobbying the spirit of Mother Earth for the president’s political survival.  It must have worked – Morales overwhelmingly beat back the recall vote.

They do that voodoo that they do so well.

Nevada: A Nevada Board of Education member was chastised during a public meeting for dangling a piece of jewelry in front of his giggling wife, who was sitting next to him. “I will entertain my wife.  I love my wife,” said board member Greg Nance.  When a deputy attorney general urged Nance to behave properly, Nance replied that there was no law against a wife sitting next to him at meetings.  “Therefore, bite me!” Nance told the official.

What chutzpah!


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