GOP, O Wither Goest Thou?

Back when  Birdsong was a radio talk show host I often  liked to have some good clean fun by skewering Republican politicians and their antics on my radio program.  Birdsong is so busy these days with other such pursuits as teaching law, writing, and  lecturingfor the  bar prep company, BARBRI, that I have had little time to make fun of the Repubs.

Unfortunately, given the GOP’s position in the Senate and House of Representatives with respect to the proposed $787 Billion bill that Congress passed earlier this afternoon without a single Republican vote, the GOP may be on their way to oblivion.  There may be no GOP to skewer in a few years to come.  The party’s monolithic obstructionism of Obama and the proposed stimulus package shows how out of step they are with the changing mood of our country.  Most people want the country  and the President to succeed.

 Birdsong understands the GOP now sees itself as the “loyal opposition.”  However, since the GOP has decided to stand together and follow Rush Limbaugh’s call to help see  that Obama’s policies fail they do not seem to be well thought of by a majority of the American people.  Earlier today Birdsong  saw on a political blog he purused the following info:  “Obama’s popularity with the public has plunged from 69% to 68%.”  This polling result was obtained after the two weeks of Congressional wrangling over the proposed stimulus package.   This same blog revealed that only 20% of the those polled believed Congress was doing a good job.  Birdsong believes some of this congressional unpopularity is a result of the Republican obstructionism to Obama’s proposed plans.

Of course, the real problem is that the Republican obstructionists have no plans or ideas themselves beyond more tax cuts.  Many people are out of work and have no taxes to pay.  The thinking by the GOP seems to be if we can make Obama and his policies fail we will be heroes and will be welcomed back into office come 2012.

Birdsong doubts that is going to happen.  The GOP is a fading and shrinking party relevant mainly to an aging, white, rural crowd who believe only they know what is best for the country.

Birdsong predicts that the browning of America and its politics will be the wellspring of a new and stronger America.

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