Weird Criminal Law Stories 103

Volusia County, FL:  Cutbacks in the Volusia County Sheriff’s office have led officials to train their garbage collectors to be on the lookout for crime.  “As times get harder, as our budget dollars get less, that means we have to reach out more and more for these kind of partnerships,” said Sheriff Ben Johnson.

Crime sniffing garbage men??

Alexander County, IL:  An Illinois sheriff’s department lost five of its cars to the repo man because they failed to pay the bank.  Alexander County is in a region of Illinois that has been especially hard hit by the recession.

Dead beat cops…

Groveland, NY: Theodore Sypnier is the oldest prison inmate in the state of  New York.  The geratric jailbird celebrated his 100th birthday in the Groveland Correctional Faciltiy in upstate New York in May of 2009.  He had spent most of his 90’s in prison after pleading guilty to attempted sodomy of a child.  His family, which includes four grown sons,  has disowned him.  The centenarian is to be paroled in November 2009.  He is one of 31 New York state inmates over  age 80.  Sypnier  started serving his most recent stretch in July 2008, after violating parole.  In 1999, at age 90, he was originally charged with 15 counts of sexually abusing five girls in his Tonawanda home.

Must be the three hots and a cot that keep him going.

Michigan:  A registered sex offender in Michigan who was convicted of exposing himself to a 12-year old girl says he can’t go to jail because he needs to donate a kidney to his dad.  The victim’s family thinks Mark Curcuru is just stalling.  “The children around here are not safe,” the girl’s mother said.

Go to jail Mark….maybe you will live to be 100!

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