Weird Criminal law #387: Thin as an Auschwitz Prisoner

FLORIDA: As thin as an Auschwitz prisoner! A woman was charged with neglect after the 96-year-old man she was supposed to be caring for showed up at a hospital so malnourished that he was just “skin and bones” and weighed only 89 pounds according to Apopka police. The man told police that his caretaker Alice K, 56, threatened to feed him dog feces and refused to let him eat. Police report that the doctor at the Florida Hospital Apopka likened him to an “Auschwitz prisoner.” Police further reported that the man had been fed very little, if at all, over the last month. Upon being admitted the hospital called the Department of Children and families which then contacted the police. When he was fed at the hospital he starting eating like a “starving dog,” according to the treating doctor. Alice K was charged with neglect of an elderly person and was taken to the Orange County Jail and held on $500 bond. The elderly man remains in the hospital and will eventually be released to the care of DCF police said.


NEW HAMPSHIRE: The headline read: “Transgender pol bombs out.” A woman believed to be to be the first transgender person elected to a state legislature was recently charged with calling in a bomb threat to a hospital. Stacie Laughton, 31, was charged with making the February threat to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center that led to an evacuation. No bomb was found. Laughton had been elected to the state House of Representatives in 2012 but never assumed her seat after reports of a prior felony conviction raised questions of her legal ability to serve.

INDIANA: A possibly explosive washroom! In March 2015, a restroom at a Walmart in Muncie was closed indefinitely after an employee discovered a working meth lab inside. The Walmart employee alerted police after seeing a suspicious man enter the restroom with a backpack and leave without it. Police say that people are leaving “the deadly explosive chemical in public places,” rather than risk explosions at home.


MINNESOTA: The headline to this one could have read” “This crime was jug of bull.” A bandit stole $70,000 worth of bull semen from a farm in LeRoy. It appears that a storage unit in the farm’s milking parlor was left unlocked, allowing the still at large thief to swipe the valuable material. Perhaps it was an inside job.



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