Dee Dee's Position On Amnesty

Birdsong’s hottie girlfriend, Dee Dee, believes I am a “wuss” when it comes to our immigration policies.  Despite the fact that I once worked for the State Department, later practiced immigration law, and now teach immigration law at Barry Law School she believes I should take a harder line.  “I try to stay objective about immigration policies,” I tell her.


“Nonsense!” she tells me.  And now that she knows I have this blog Dee Dee wants me to let her use it to have her say.  Oh, what Birdsong does for love!


This is what Dee Dee wrote me last night:


“Pro-amnesty groups, including the Catholic Church, want illegal aliens to receive amnesty from the U.S. immigration laws to allow them to keep the American jobs that Americans are told not to bother applying for.  They assert that keeping families together is the basis for their position. 


            Why can’t they support, in the name of family unity, sending back the illegal alien to his or her homeland so their family will not have to risk their lives to come to the U.S.!   U.S. corporations have opened or moved businesses from USA to other countries under several different trade agreements, taking jobs from this country.  So, now the aliens have jobs they can get in their own country that America has provided.  It’s not fair for aliens to then come to our soil to take the remaining jobs. 


            My views apply to illegals from all countries.  I am not prejudiced against any one group.  I support legal immigration.  I was raised to follow the laws.  So, Asians, British, South Americans, Africans, Russians, Caribbeans, Slovaks, et al, should show respect for American citizens by respecting our laws.  It would be a good will gesture if they did so.  It would also show that they have no ill will toward us and are not here to beat us out of our opportunities and render our citizenship as worthless. 


To give them amnesty would show that they have more political power than American citizens with the right to vote.


I know you must agree with me.   Let me hear your thoughts?”    


This is Birdsong again.  Any comments for Dee Dee?  Birdsong is staying out of this one.

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