Chain Gang Charlie To Wed! Revisited

Birdsong wrote a posting on this blog last week about our Governor, Charlie Crist, and how he got the name “Chain Gang Charlie.” Birdsong believes Crist is a good governor and has been a good public servant for the State of Florida.

Yet, in that initial posting Birdsong expressed his opinion concerning whether Crist, who has been a bachelor for the last thirty years, really needs to be married at this time.  Crist announced his engagement to a wealthy New York socialite, Carole Rome, over the 4th of July weekend. Birdsong insinuated that perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Charlie Crist wants to be seen as a “family values guy” in order to increase his chances to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Could the fetching Ms. Rome only be a “beard” I asked?

Birdsong has now learned that Governor Crist has just left on a 10 day trade delegation trip to Europe to talk up Florida’s aerospace and alternative energy industries.  Among other people, he will meet Prince Charles when the delegation is in England.

The most interesting fact about this trip is that Chain Gang Charlie is taking his fiancée Carole Rome with him.  She will be a guest delegate!

So, perhaps, Birdsong was wrong…maybe Ms. Rome is not a “beard” but instead the real McCoy.  It could be love.  Maybe it hit Crist all of a sudden.  Many years ago the witty Cole Porter wrote a song about  one’s realization of  finally having fallen in love. Here are the lyrics:

                Is it an earthquake or simply a shock? 

                Is the good turtle soup or merely the mock?

                Is a cocktail, this feeling of Joy? Or is what I feel the real McCoy?

                Is it for all time or simply a lark?   Is it Grenada I see or only Asbury Park?

                Is it a fancy, not worth thinking of? Or is what I feel at long last love?*

Yes, perhaps, the Governor is, at long last, in love.  And maybe, just maybe he is setting up Ms. Rome to be the next Jackie O?



[1] *Lyrics from the song At Long Last Love written by Cole Porter for his 1938 musical You Never Know.









[1] Lyrics from the song At Long Last Love written by Cole Porter for his 1938 musical You Never Know.

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