No Booze for Blacks or Mongolians: Beijing's Bigotry

Birdsong was outraged to learn, first from a report on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on July 23, 2008, that the Chinese government through its uniformed Public Security Bureau has told bar owners to not sell alcohol to black people or Mongolians during the Beijing’s Olympics!

Birdsong finds it far fetched to believe that there are that many black people in Beijing who might get liquored up and possibly cause trouble for the Olympics.  Birdsong has no experience with Mongolians and does not know whether they are prone to mischief after drinking.

What Birdsong does know is that this sounds like good old fashioned bigotry and discrimination against disfavored minorities.

 On July 24, 2008, Birdsong actually read the story in the New York Post in a report from Gordon Chang who confirmed that at least one Beijing bar owner near the Olympic stadium was told not to serve blacks or Mongolians during the upcoming games. Chang reports that “the Security Bureau denies that their security campaign is targeting any particular racial group but Africans report increased harassment and discrimination in bars.”  He further reports that “despite professed solidarity with Africa, the Chinese government has always treated blacks in Beijing harshly.”Allegedly, last September police raided the Beijing bar district, rounded up three dozen blacks and beat some of  them severely.

The government of the Caribbean country of Grenada filed a complaint with the Foreign Ministry over the clubbing of its ambassador’s son, who had suffered a concussion and required hospitalization.

It is Birdsong’s opinion that a government that would deny booze to blacks, Mongolians, or members of any ethnic group on security grounds is racist and should not be a country hosting the Olympics.

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