Weird Criminal Law Stories 10

Long Island, NY: A Long Island woman with a drinking problem killed her husband by running him over with the family SUV as she pulled out of a parking space near their apartment.  Maureen Hines, 45, who fled New York after the incident was arrested two days later when police in New Jersey pulled her over for drunk driving. Police say they are investigating whether Hines’ conduct was intentional.  The facts show that Hines rolled over her husband’s chest as she backed out of a space near their apartment.

Hmmmm…seems hard to “accidently” run over his chest with an SUV.

Knoxville, TN: It appears like the original theory about a Tennessee district attorney’s mysterious death in a cattle stampede 15 years ago was just a load of bull. Official in Knoxville now believe that Ed Dossett was killed by his wife and then left in a pasture where he was trampled.  Raynella Dossett Leath has been indicted for Ed’s death.  And, oh yes, by the way she has already been charged in the 2003 murder of her second husband.

She sounds like a black widow spider.

California: About a kid with a bright future in law enforcement.  A California woman was charged with counterfeiting money and ID cards.  Her 10 year old son was the one who turned her in.  The child gave police some of the phony cash and told them his mom made fake IDs on her computer.

With a kid like this who needs enemies?

San Jose, CA:  Here is a guy who watched the movie Heavy Metal too often.  A 20 year old man broke into a small airport near San Jose, and filled his car up with aviation fuel because he thought it would make the vehicle fly and take him to some awesome, rocking worlds.  Instead, he just ended up in jail for theft and driving drunk.

Just proves alcohol and aviation fuel do not mix.

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