A Poetic Tribute to Birdsong For His Daughter Krystal

Birdsong has received  many  cards, flowers, and expressions of condolence from his current and former students over the loss of his daughter Krystal.  Birdsong wishes to thank all of those who have expressed their sympathy for our family’s loss.  One of the most heartfelt expressions has come in a poem written by Robert Witt, a 3L Barry Law student who is one of Birdsong’s former criminal law students.  Birdsong wishes to share it with all of you.  Enjoy.



By Rob Witt


I can’t imagine the pain you must feel,

From the love to the rage,

Your emotions must reel.


I can’t imagine the questions you face,

The how and the why,

How did we get to this place?


I can’t imagine how you will find the answers you seek,

To why God took your child,

When her life just started to peak.


What I can imagine is that this time will pass,

You will never forget,

Your relationship will last.


What I can imagine is that you will find the strength to endure,

To overcome this horrible hand you’ve been dealt,

Of this I am sure.


I can imagine that your memories of Krystal will last,

They will be good and be true,

Of the happiness gone past.


It may be hard to imagine things getting better,

Time may never heal your wounds,

But you will never forget her.

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