Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 18 on the Anniversary of Her Death

Birdsong and his family are all of heavy heart on this day, September 20.  It was one year ago today that our beloved daughter, Krystal Birdsong, passed away.  We all loved her and miss her so much.  Birdsong has taken to postings some of her writings on this blog in her memory.  We found much of her writings in her “journals” when we went through her personal effects after her passing.  Krystal loved living in Miami and attending Barry University (BU) — she had just obtained her B.S. degree there a few months before her passing.  Here is  a post she wrote in her journal near the end of her first semester at the school.  It reminds us so much of Krystal….

APRIL 28, 2005

Wow — I’m really growing up.  Attending BU has turned out to be a huge blessing and an immensely worthwhile venture.

I am writing on the beach after not picking up a pen to write down my thoughts and words in a long time — years.  Looking through this journal I relive some of my past and get even greater insight into my identity.

I am currently in the midst of a sort of spiritual awakening and am revelling in it.  For the last few weeks (more intensely in the last few days) I have become positive energy and Tao.  I’ve been trying as hard as I can to radiate and spread my positivity to all of the Universe’s beings and generally do and be well.

It’s amazing; I feel so one with the Universe right now — everything  is everything… I see the horizon — grand and infinite — and realize we are not more than a grain of sand.


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