Weird Criminal Law Stories 87

Philadelphia, PA: A suburban Philly man wanted passionately to stop children from playing in front of his home.  But when Michael Buck, 27, blared a pornographic soundtrack to repel children from his cul-de-sac, he also pissed off neighbors a block and half away.  Police arrested Buck, who will have to do 20 hours of community service and undergo anger-management counseling.

  Debbie Does  Dallas, maybe?

Salt Lake City, UT:  35 years to pay his debt to society.  A Salt Lake man who stole a stop sign in 1974  has mailed a $600 cashier’s check to the Utah Transportation Department.  He identified himself as a former “very foolish youth” who feared for years that his prank caused an accident.

You are redeemed my son…now go in peace….

Bennington, VT: Police in this Vermont city arrested a guy for driving drunk after spotting the half-empty beer glass that he had left on the trunk of his car as he pulled away from a bar.  When they asked him if he had been drinking, John Campbell, 59, denied it, but they already had all the proof they needed.


United Kingdom: Pagan cops of the world, unite!  English police officers who practice witchcraft as their religion are trying to set up a Pagan Police Association.  If they get approval from authorities, they’ll get off eight Pagan holidays a year, including Halloween.  In all, the group estimates there are 500 Pagan cops in England.

Good Lord, what’s next?

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