Weird Florida News Stories

Florida is a wonderful place to live.  Birdsong loves it here.  Here are a few weird news stories from Florida for your reading enjoyment.

Orlando, FL: A man entered a Greenacres Restaurant in mid-July, 2009, and asked for change for a $10 bill.  When the cashier asked to see the bill, the man reportedly began screaming, “I want change!”  Police said the man then grabbed about $40 from a tip box, picked up the cash register and ran out.  The officer who arrested him — still carrying the register while running down the street — had just come from reviewing surveillance footage at a nearby convenience store, where lottery tickets had been stolen a day earlier.  By chance, the officer identified the man as the thief  from the footage.

Actually, running with a cash register can be more dangerous than running with scissors…

Winter Park, FL: The family of Charles Gaal Jr., 90, is suing a Winter Park dentist who allegedly dropped tools down Gaal’s throat, including an implant screwdriver and a mini-wrench.  Unfortunately, Gaal never fully recovered and he died in 2007.


Orlando, FL:  A Connecticut man  arrested for exposing himself to a 14 year old girl at a Walt Disney World water park, swears it was because his “European-style” bathing suit slipped off.  Witnesses told police that Bradford Pellet Biggers, 51, was fondling himself as he lay on a lawn chair about four feet from the girl.

Yeah, right, the suit just slipped off… He’s a perv.  Lots of them hang out  at water parks.

Miami, FL: A Miami area trauma doctor performing surgery on a shooting victim removed one of the slugs that the police needed for evidence and tried to hide it in his glove to keep as a souvenir.  The surgeon initially lied to cops, telling them he wasn’t able to remove the bullet, but another doctor snitched on him.


West Palm Beach, FL: Man is dog’s best friend.  David Grounds, 65, lost two fingers while fighting a 7-foot alligator that had clamped its jaws on his Wheaten terrier.  The West Palm Beach civil engineer said all that mattered was that his pooch, Mandy, got away safely: “I’d do it again,” said Grounds.

Bow  Wow!!!

Orlando, FL: The last time Rachel Veitch bought a car, gas was 39 cents  per gallon, Lyndon Johnson was president of the U.S. and “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena” was a hit song.  The 90 year old Orlando woman still drives her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente every day.  It recently passed 599,000 miles.  Veitch, who has outlived two husbands and is a breast cancer survivor, changes the oil every 3,000 miles.  She maintains exhaustive maintenance records for the vehicle, which she has named Chariot.

She sounds like that little bird…”cheap, cheap, cheap….”

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