Weird Criminal Law Stories 15

Take a gander at the latest weird criminal law stories Birdsong has ferreted out for you.

Colorado: A man posing as a “porn inspector” tried to get the owners of an x-rated video shop to give him free videos, claiming he had to make sure performers were not under age.  Of course, the local police when contacted by the video shop said they do not have a porn inspector.

Where is Inspector Gadget when you need him?

Pennsylvania: An 85 year old woman calmly walked past a burglar in her house, got her pistol, and ordered him to call police.  He did so.  Leda Smith said, “I just walked right past him to the bedroom and got my gun and said what are you doing in my house?”

Remember young blood — don’t mess with granny!

Burrillville, RI: A town councilor got more than he bargained for when he won a used police cruiser at an auction.  Kevin Blais bought the 2004 Crown Victoria in an online auction from the Hartford, Conn., Public Works Department, and found a bag of cocaine inside. Blais speculates a suspect stuffed the drugs through a seat crack to prevent cops from finding it.

Your police working for you.

Providence, RI: This undercover cop car obviously wasn’t used for a K-9 unit. If it had, perhaps police would have been able to sniff out that the seized vehicle they had been using since 2000 had a half pound of cocaine hidden in the dashboard.  Deputy Police Chief Paul Kennedy admitted that sometimes officers do “miss stuff” when searching contraband vehicles.

Must be the beautiful Rhode Island scenery.

Charleston, WV: Policed arrested a man who tried to rob a video store with an empty cheesecake box.  Paul Parrish II, 43, of Charleston placed the box on the counter of the Movie Gallery with a note that said it contained a bomb.  The clerk refused to give Parish any money and Parish ran out of the store.  He was soon arrested and told police he needed money for gas and cigarettes.

Yep, its hard times all over.

South Carolina: A 31 year old man, John Montgomery, tried to steal a monkey from an animal park but when the little simian fought back, the thief settled for a bear cub instead.  Montgomery then put the cub on display at a truck stop where he charged people $1 to pet it.  He was charged with burglary.

Yep, it truly is hard times all over!!

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