Weird Criminal Law Stories 17

Birdsong continues to troll the wire services and the papers for weird criminal law stories.  Here are a few more.  They are all true stories.

Brooklyn, NY: A one legged hooker was killed in Brooklyn after a John hit her over the head, causing her to fall backwards out of her wheelchair and slam her skull against a wall.  Elizabeth Acevedo, 38, was found by police laying unconscious on the 13th floor of the building in which she lived.  She died after being taken to the hospital.  Acevedo, who lost her leg in an accident involving a train, had a rap sheet with 67 arrests for prostitution and drug charges.  She wore a prosthetic leg, but also used a wheelchair. Police believe she may have being servicing a John who hit her on the head.  No suspects have been found.

Gosh, how darn pathetic can the human condition get?

Atlanta, GA: This debate got too heated. Seems two debate team coaches got into a profanity laced argument that ended when one yanked his pants down and mooned the other debater.  Gordon Stables, who presided over the competition between the University of Pittsburgh and Fort Hayes State University of Kansas said, “In 18 years of taking part in debates, I have never seen an incident like this one.” The debate was held at Emory University in Atlanta.  No arrests were reported.

Don’t you dare point that thing at me…pull your pants up!

Titusville, FL: No time to cop your fix or your gun before dropping off the children at day care?  No problem in Titusville!  Police have discovered that four Titusville residents stored illegal drugs, guns and ammunition at the licensed daycare center they ran.  This, following a six month police investigation.

This could be called one stop shopping.

Cascades National Park, WA: Here is a new source of federal funding.  The National Park Service destroyed an elaborate marijuana farm worth $48 million inside North Cascades National Park.  It is reported that the pot paradise had more than 16,700 plants and featured terraced land with retaining walls and fences, and damned creeks for irrigation.  No suspects have been found.

How did Yogi Bear let this happen under his very nose?

New York, NY: A thug robbed an 81 year old widow in an Upper East Side grocery and nearly got away with the crime until he threw out his own wallet while trying to escape capture. Ex con Trent Jones, 26, of Manhattan swiped the elderly woman’s wallet from her purse while an accomplice chatted her up about the tomatoes at the market.  The pair fled after getting the wallet.  The victim told the store owners of the theft.  They gave chase. The fleeing Jones threw his wallet on the sidewalk just before being caught by the store owners.  Police were called.  The wallet contained Jones’ ID, as well as his victim’s credit cards.


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