Weird Criminal Law Stories 21

Yes sir!  Birdsong is still bringing you those weird criminal law stories.  Dig this:

 Malaysia: There is nothing like a good sex scandal to relaunch a political career.  Former Malaysian Deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who was brought down in 1998 on sodomy charges says he’s now ready to be top dog again, even as he faces a second sodomy rap.  Ibrahim is putting together a coalition majority that could be in place by October of 2008.


Paris, France: It was a dog day in a French court.  A mutt named Scooby is believed to be the first animal to appear as a witness in a murder inquiry when he “barked furiously” at a potential suspect during a preliminary hearing.  Paris police believe that Scooby’s 59 year old owner hanged himself, but the family claims it was murder, and hopes to use Scooby’s woofing at the person of interest in court as proof.

McGriff the crime dog would have done better by taking a bite out of crime.

Green Bay, WI: A Wisconsin woman allegedly stole her daughter’s identity so she could go back to high school.  Wendy Brown of Green Bay, enrolled in Ashwaubenon HS and joined the cheer-leading squad, attending practices and going to a pool party at the coach’s house before she was caught.  Brown was charged with felony ID theft.

Ms. Brown was too young at heart.  She will soon know why the “caged bird sings.”

Berlin, Germany:  The owner of a candy shop in Berlin was arrested for selling psychedelic sweets.  Police said they found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis lollipops.

What! No Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

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