Weird Criminal Law Stories 23

Here we go again… more weird criminals and their dastardly deeds.  Brought to you by Birdsong.  Have a great Christmas holiday.

Detroit, MI: A Michigan man was charged with “receiving sexual favors” – from a vacuum cleaner.  When a resident complained there were unusual deeds being perpetrated behind a car wash, police went to investigate.  Sure enough, a man, whose ID was not released was using the vacuum for a sexual partner. He was escorted to jail to cool off.

Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby……

Wisconsin: A Wisconsin man says his religious beliefs stopped him from murdering and raping women…but that apparently didn’t prevent him from breaking into their homes, stealing their underwear and sending them threatening notes.  Christopher Sullivan, 43, is accused of sending some of the women pictures of decapitated Barbie dolls, along with messages that they would be likewise treated and “we will have your skull at our table of sacrifice.”

This guy is nut job and a pervert!

A Prison in Utah: Jacob Kelsey an imprisoned rapist is trying to sue for divorce.  However, he cannot pay the $155 filing fee mandated by Utah law.  Kelsey earns only 30 cents per hour at his prison job.  He has filed a federal civil lawsuit to try to overturn the law.

Good luck Jake!

Ontario, Canada: A Canadian woman who had spent the evening boozing turned the wheel of her car over to her 9 year old daughter.  She was promptly arrested before they both got killed.  Police in southeastern Ontario said they saw a car moving slowly along country roads and pulled it over after noticing how tiny the driver was.  “The woman was concerned that she was unable to drive having consumed some alcohol at a social function.” Cops said.

Must’ve been the function at the junction…

Kano, Nigeria: An Islamic court in northern Nigeria sentenced a 20 year old slacker to six months in jail and then caned him 20 strokes at the request of his father.  Saying his son’s refusal to go to school and his membership in a gang brought shame  to the family, the desperate father begged the court for help.  “Please put this boy in prison so that I can be free,” he said.

Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty he is free at last.

Halifax, UK: Even the most hardened robber can show remorse. Police in England  report that a repentant burglar sent flowers and an apology note to his 91 year victim after nearly startling her to death during an early morning break in. The thief, who fled empty handed, wrote to the woman, saying he thought no one was home.

A thief and a dope to boot!


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