The Shack

Birdsong’s faculty colleague, Professor Marvin Rooks, offered his sympathy and condolences at the death of my daughter Krystal in September of last year.   In our personal conversation after her death I told Marvin that I did not know why Krystal was taken at such a young age.  In response to my question Marvin  gave me with a book to read.  He was good enough to tell me that I may never find the answer “why” in this life but he  told me that this book “deals with such questions,” and told me the book had helped him understand some things.

The book is entitled The Shack and is written by William Paul Young.  It is a very powerful story about a father whose young daughter  is tragically killed.  In his quest to find “why” she was taken at such a young age the father goes on a spiritual journey that brings him a better understanding of the Lord and the way he works his will.

I just finished reading the book over the holidays and found its message very powerful.  I recommend it to anyone who may  have experienced the loss of a loved one — young or old.  Birdsong will not give away the plot but  you can find out more about the book by linking to

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