Weird Criminal Law Stories 24

Birdsong just can’t stay away from these weird criminal  stories. Not even for the holidays.  Hope you start your New Year with a laugh or two.

Edwards, Colo: Here’s why guys do not belong at baby showers.  Four men were arrested at an Edwards baby shower – after brawling with beer bottles and metal car jacks.  At least one man hit another with a bottle, prompting the victim to strike back with the jack.

You know these guys were just bored.

Genoa, Italy: An Italian bank robber was foiled by her own good looks. Police in Genoa say a lusciously lipped dead ringer for Hollywood hottie Angelina Jolie knocked off a local bank then fled on a motor scooter.  But police quickly put out an APB on the Tomb Raider look alike and Annarita Ottonello, 29, was soon busted.

Seems hotties should not have to rob banks when they can use their moneymakers.

New Orleans, LA: It was not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  During a party for Tulane Law School students at the Louisiana Children’s Museum, someone stole one of Mr. Rogers’ sneakers from an exhibit.  The “serious crime” was proven to be a prank when police found the famous  shoes tied to a pipe beneath a sink in the women’s bathroom.

Law students will do anything for a laugh…Birdsong knows.

Fort Worth, TX: “Thou shalt not steal” might have been a better sermon.  A preacher’s wallet was stolen by two thieves who went on a shopping spree around Fort Worth, while he delivered a sermon on showing mercy to others.  The pair ran up $2,000 in purchases on the Rev. Rob Hamby’s credit cards.  “What troubles me is that they would go to the church, not to help but to steal,” Hamby said.  “I am shocked and frustrated.”

Talk about low lifes…stealing preacher’s wallet.

San Francisco, CA: A man angry that he had been turned down to appear on the Price is Right stormed into a San Francisco law office with a phony bomb strapped to his chest causing the police to evacuate the building.  He was ultimately arrested.  Authorities report that it was not clear what connection  the law firm had to the show.

Tell him what he’s won, Johnny.  A jail sentence!

Florida: A Florida pot toker was arrested after trying to pay for a meal at McDonald’s with a bag of pot.  Shawn Alexander Pannullo was charged with drug possession. The police report did not say whether he was suffering from the munchies.

Dude, where’s my  cheeseburger?

Gaithersburg, MD: Bob and Joanne Breiner returned to their home and found a drunken Goldilocks asleep in their bed. A man accidentally went to the Breiners’ house after getting off at a bus stop eight miles from his own home, police said, and entered through an unlocked front door.

Want to bet that alcohol was involved?



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